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Oakland Strikers (NJ)


Concussion Policy

*The Oakland Strikers Soccer Club does adhere to the following safety policies and protocols*

1. Compliance with the most recent applicable laws in New Jersey relating to concussion. State Laws on Traumatic Brain Injury


2. We allow the use of headgear and other protective equipment that is approved by a recognized and authoritative certifying organization

3. Our volunteers are required to review the information found at and prior to participating in any practices, games and tournaments.

4. In all cases of emergency, 911 is contacted.

5. Immediate removal of a participant who is involved with a head contact incident and anyone who expresses concern regarding potential concussion. 

6. Participants (youth and/or adult) and volunteers are provided with concussion-awareness education material, such as the free "Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports" program are required to sign an acknowledgement receipt.

7. Information can be obtained at: for review of the Fact sheet for coaches on concussion, Fact sheet for athletes on concussion, Fact sheet for parents on concussion, Clipboard with concussion facts for coaches

8. Return-to-Play policy: We reserve the right  to request any player who has sustained a head injury or who is suspected of having sustained a head injury to:

  •Visit a licensed health care professional for evaluation and written clearance as well as sign and return a head injury information/awareness sheet